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Unique Mistakes A New Pipework Contractor Should Avoid During Installation

Pipework installation is a critical component of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As a new pipework contractor, it is important to understand that competitive edge is achieved by doing things differently and understanding the requirements of your clientele. For instance, when installing pipework for new air conditioning unit, particular mistakes are common among contractors. Noticing and avoiding these subtle errors would set you up for a long and fruitful career. This article highlights such indiscretions and how to avoid them.

Strictly Working within your Scope -- One of the greatest mistakes you can do as a pipework contractor is stick to pipework installation alone. For instance, if a client contacts you over a damaged pipework and you notice some shoddy roofing, do not hesitate to offer advice on a corrective action, or give good referrals to alternative installers. Your client will appreciate your input and honesty. Therefore, do not pass the opportunity to make new customers by concentrating only on areas within your scope.

Making House Size Assumptions -- Picture this scenario: you have been called upon to install pipework for an AC unit in a neighborhood where the architecture of the houses is the same. As such, you decide to use the same piping layout for the new client because the houses are similar in size. Doing so can lead to unpredictable operation of the air conditioning system. Despite the structural similarity, each room's AC requires a unique piping design. For instance, houses might have different temperatures because of vegetation cover.  Therefore, you need to conduct elaborate surveys and establish parameters like heat gain and heat loss, which will inform your piping designs for each house. Attending to particular customer requirements will grow your market.

Limited Communication with Existing Clients -- Keeping in touch with your customer does not mean communicating with them every other day. The reason your customers need your contacts is not only to call when something goes wrong with their pipework but more importantly to get in touch with you when they want to make minor or major renovations. For example, house repairs are more likely to disrupt the manner in which HVAC pipework is laid. Additionally, haphazard demolitions might damage existing pipework and force clients to get new fabricated metal pipes for fresh installation. Therefore, whenever you are done installing HVAC pipes, you should make it easy for customers to reach you after that.

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