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5 Server Rack Installation Tips

Are you setting up a data center on your property? Read on and discover some helpful tips that you should keep in mind in case you want to install server racks without the help of a professional. 

Think About Your Equipment

It is advisable to keep your equipment inventory in mind before you start installing server racks. That inventory helps you to decide which particular server rack should be installed in which location. You should also consider your future equipment requirements so that you allocate space to that equipment on the server racks that you install in your data center. You can even come up with a drawing to guide you so that you know where each server or piece of equipment will be placed within the server racks.

Get Help

You should ask someone to be available to help you as you install your servers in the server racks. That person will save you from the risk of damaging your delicate equipment as it is lifted into the server racks. You should also talk to experienced installers so that they give you helpful tips that can reduce the likelihood of a mishap during the installation process.

Plan for Thermal Control

Servers can generate plenty of heat as they work. It is therefore advisable for you to map the installation of your equipment carefully so that you leave a provision for installing cooling fans in strategic locations around the server racks.

Take Measurements

Many server racks have shelves that can be customised in order to accommodate the specific servers that you wish to install in those server racks. You should use a tape measure to get the actual dimensions of your servers and the related equipment so that you can adjust the server rack in order to fit that equipment inside safely.

Leave Unoccupied Space

You should proactively plan for storage space in your server racks during the installation process. That space can be used to install a rack-mounted drawer that will be useful for keeping small items, such as CDs and spare server hardware. You will then be able to have everything that you need close to each server.

As you can see, installing server racks need not be shrouded in mystery. You can easily complete the installation if you set aside ample time and have the correct equipment. Work closely with your server rack supplier so that he or she can give you helpful advice in case you encounter any problem during the installation process.

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