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Why You Should Consider Working as a Labour Hire Employee

People who are currently out of permanent work can avail themselves as contract workers or as labour-hire employees. Each of these options has its own unique benefits. This article discusses why it may be better for you to work as a labour-hire employee instead of working as a contract worker.

More Co-operation from Other Employees

One of the causes of employee satisfaction is the sense of camaraderie that exists between that employee and the other employees at the company where he or she works. Contract workers may tend to be perceived as a threat to the permanent employees of a firm because the permanent employees often feel that the contractor is taking work away from them. Consequently, the contract worker can feel like an outsider since he or she will not be easily welcomed by the permanent employees of the company.

In contrast, labour-hire employees are usually welcomed because the permanent employees see them as providing relief during periods of heavy workloads. Thus, labour-hire employees have a higher chance of enjoying their stay at the company due to their quick acceptance by the permanent employees.

Ease of Finding Work

It may be easier for you to find work if you avail yourself to a labour-hire firm than when you want to work as a contract worker. This is because labour-hire firms often have relationships with several employers in different areas. Job openings are therefore easier to come by. However, contract workers often face the burden of looking for work on their own unless they engage a recruitment agency to find work for them. This option may take longer because the recruitment agency may also wait until it is contacted by potential employers.

Better Opportunities to Display Your Skills

Working as a labour-hire employee gives you a chance to catch the eye of employers who can eventually offer you a permanent position. This is possible because you will usually spend a lot of time at the company premises. Your soft skills (leadership and negotiation skills, for example) can easily get noticed in addition to the specific skills for which you were hired. Contract workers may not have the same opportunity because they may have other commitments with other clients. Thus, they will have limited time within which to win the heart of the employer.

As you can see, labour-hire work often has benefits that may go beyond the payment that you will receive for your services. You should therefore make yourself available to labour-hire companies so that you can enjoy the benefits in the discussion above.

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