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Five Features to Include in Your Dog-Friendly Neighbourhood

If you are developing a neighbourhood, you need to include amenities that will appeal to your core demographic, and a town planner can help you brainstorm ideas. In particular, if you are trying to appeal to young couples and professionals with dogs, you need to develop a neighbourhood that is canine-friendly. Here are some of the features you may want to add:

1. Dog Park

It goes without saying that any canine-centered neighbourhood needs to have a dog park. That should include an attractive fenced-in area where dogs can play. So that you can accommodate all kinds of dogs and their owners, you may want to set aside ample space in your plan for at least two fenced in areas—that way, you can separate big and little dogs as needed.

2. Dog Pond

A picturesque pond adds a splash of visual beauty to a town or community plan, but it also works for dogs. Make sure that you have adequate artificial or natural filtration so that it can handle all the dog hair. You may want the pond in a fenced area as well.

3. Dog Playground Equipment

To give the pups even more enjoyment, consider setting up a dog playground. There are all kinds of playground equipment that is designed for dogs or that can be modified for their use. This includes tunnels to run through and ramps to climb.

You may want to combine a dog agility course or playground with equipment for children. That can be an interesting focal point for the neighborhood or town you are planning.

4. Running Paths

Of course, humans like to have fun with their canine friends, and running trails are essential for that process. Ideally, your community should have running or walking trails throughout it. You may want the trails to be wide enough to handle two lanes of foot traffic.

That makes it easier for bikers, runners and walkers to pass each other. You may want to do the main path in asphalt but add a gravel path next to it—asphalt can get unbearably hot for dog's paws in the summertime.

5. Dog-Friendly Vendors

If you are active in soliciting vendors to set up shop in your neighbourhood, you may want to look for canine-friendly vendors. That can include companies that market products and services for dogs, but it should also include general companies that just love canines. For instance, some coffee chains give out dog biscuits or sell dog drinks.  

For more ideas, contact a town planner directly.

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