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Questions That Help Builders Slow Down Corrosion

Corrosion can increase the cost of maintaining an industrial complex if sufficient measures were not taken to manage it as the manufacturing plant was built. This article discusses some of the key questions that providers of industrial construction services rely upon to reduce the likelihood of massive corrosion at your manufacturing plant. You can also use these questions to address any corrosion issues that develop once the complex has been constructed. 

What Metals Should Be Used?

Some contractors may select metals on the basis of their physical and mechanical attributes only. However, experienced contractors who build complexes also factor in the chemical attributes of a given metal before selecting it for use during the construction process. This is because the chemical properties play a key role in determining how susceptible that metal will be to corrosion. For instance, the chemical composition of iron makes it more prone to corrosion than stainless steel. The chemical features of metals, therefore, help contractors to select the metals that will resist corrosion for the longest time possible so that you don't incur high costs to maintain the structural integrity of those metal components.

What Is the Composition of the Soil?

Several soil factors affect how easily a metal will corrode. For instance, the moisture content of soil is very important in accelerating or inhibiting corrosion. Similarly, soil acidity, the levels of oxygen and the presence of salts in the soil play a role in the severity of corrosion. Experienced contractors consider these factors and draw appropriate plans to mitigate the risk factors. For instance, drain pipes can be installed in the foundation in order to take water quickly away from all metal components. Such measures ward off corrosion.

Which Coatings Should Be Used?

Metals are normally protected from corrosion by the use of various coatings, such as concrete and asphalt coatings. Some coatings provide insufficient protection due to their inherent vulnerabilities. For instance, paint can be damaged as screw piles are driven into the ground. However, other coatings provide superior protection due to their inherent attributes. For example, galvanisation provides superior coverage to the metal so that corrosion is kept at bay. Ample attention should also be invested in the proper application of coatings so that metals get the protection that they need.

The durability and performance of the metal components that are used during the construction of your industrial complex will depend on how well the contractor thought about the questions above when selecting the metals to use. You should therefore invest adequate time in the process of selecting the most experienced contractor so that you reduce the impact of corrosion on your industrial complex.

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