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What to Look For in a New Garage Door Opener

Keeping your home's garage door opener in good repair is very important, as trying to open a heavy garage door manually can be difficult, if not downright dangerous. Today's garage door openers may offer features that you didn't realize were available and had not thought about choosing for your home's garage. Note a few of those here so you know what to look for in a new garage door opener, and know you'll be happy with that opener for years to come.

Quieter operation

Many garage door openers work with a chain that coils up into a housing unit to open the door and then uncoils when the door closes. If this chain is exposed, this can add to the noise you hear when the garage opens. If your home's garage is located under a bedroom or is attached to the home, you want to choose an opener that covers the chain completely. This will keep it quieter when the opener is in operation.

Motion detector

Most garage door opening systems will have an overhead light that engages when the door opens, but consider one with an added motion detector. This can work as a deterrent to thieves; if the light engages when they enter your garage, this might scare them away.

Rolling code technology

Your garage door remote uses a code that is received by the opener, but this code can be detected by thieves with copycat remotes. By using this code, they can then open your garage door without setting off any alarms. A rolling code technology will change the code each time the opener is engaged; thieves may try to use the code you just used the last time you opened the garage door, but it won't work for them. This keeps the garage door secure and will frustrate any potential thieves who are targeting your home and garage.

Internet connectivity

Home automation is becoming very popular today, allowing homeowners to check on and control many details of their home when they're away. It can be better to get a garage door opener with internet connectivity than trying to retrofit an automation system after it's installed; this can allow you to note if the garage door is opened or closed, and then also control it from your smartphone or tablet. This is for increased security, in case you forget to close the garage door behind you, and also allows you to open the garage for children, contractors and others, even when you're not at home.

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