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Five Tips for Protecting Timber Decking From Your Dog

Timber decks look beautiful, but they can end up looking stained and dirty if your dog urinates or defecates on the timber. To protect your timber decking and redirect your dog, there are numerous things you can do. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Always Use Treated and Sealed Timber

When you are putting together a deck, you should use treated and sealed timber designed for the outdoors. That helps the decking resist the damaging effects of the elements, but it also protects the timber from dog accidents. If your timber isn't sealed, you can seal it on your own.

Just add a bit of stain and some moisture-resistant sealant. A coat of paint also works—rain and dog urine will both just bead up on the paint.

2. Clean Stained Areas

As you may know, dogs like to urinate and defecate in the same places, and if your dog smells urine or feces residue on the timber decking, he or she may be more likely to use that spot again.

To protect your timber decking, be sure to clean the area thoroughly. Also, consider using a citrus cleaner and wood polish. The cleaner helps return the timber to its original state of beauty, but the citrus scent also helps to repel dogs.

3. Sand Out Stains

If a stain has appeared on your timber decking, you may need to grab the sandpaper to remove it. Just gently sand the area. Go in the direction of the timber grain. If the area ends up slightly lower than the rest of the timber decking, use some wax to fill in the area. Then, paint or stain and seal to match the rest of the area.

4. Make a Doggy Area

If you can't break your dog of the habit of using the deck for his personal toilet, you may just want to lean into the experience. To protect the timber, consider laying a patch of fake grass on the deck. Then, direct your dog to use that area. It helps to protect your decking, and you can just wash it off as needed.

5. Protect the Timber

In lieu of leaning in, you may want to find ways to keep your dog off the timber altogether. Depending on how your deck is set up, you may want to add a baby gate to the deck so the dog can't access it. In other cases, you may want to cover the timber with plastic chair mats for carpets. Turn the mats upside down so the pokey side is facing upwards.

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