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Key Electrical Considerations When Setting Up Computer Networks

Several electrical considerations should be kept in mind when someone is setting up a computer network at home or in business premises. This article discusses some of those electrical factors that should influence the setup of that computer network.

Your Future Needs

Project what your computer network needs are going to be several years ahead and plan for those needs. For example, do you anticipate to install additional computers for your kids or extra employees? Make a provision for electrical outlets that will supply those other devices with the power that they need. This will save you from the risks, such as tripping hazards, which are associated with using extension cables.

Surge Protection

Computers and their associated devices (routers, for example) are very sensitive to the changes in the power that they are using. These electronics can be easily damaged in case a spike occurs in the electrical supply. Don't rely on the surge protection that is provided to the entire building. Provide dedicated surge protectors for your computer network so that your electronics will remain safe even if the whole-house surge protection malfunctions.

Continuous Power Supply

You can lose a lot of valuable data if there is a sudden power outage that doesn't allow you to shut down your computers properly. The computers can also crash during such an event. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems help you to avoid such a scenario. Install the appropriate capacity to keep your computers operational until you have shut them down one by one.


You should set up the electrical system of the computer network when you are fully aware of the power requirements of your devices. For instance, you should place high-amperage outlets at carefully selected locations where servers and photocopiers will be located. You should also create several circuits in case you stand the risk of overloading the existing circuit when you connect all your devices to it. Find out what the capacity of each circuit is so that you don't overload it when you are installing your computers.

You should not attempt to set up the electrical system of your computer network on your own if you lack the relevant training and experience. Ask an electrician to do it for you. He or she will advise you about the most cost-effective way to create that electrical system without violating the electrical code of your area. You can then have peace of mind that your computers and your premises will be safe from preventable electrical hazards.

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