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Four Extra Features to Consider When Selecting Scissor Lifts

Are you planning to hire some self-propelled scissor lifts for a project? Read on and discover some of the helpful options that you should look out for when you are selecting the best scissor lifts to hire. 

Dual Flashing Beacons

Many scissor lifts come with only one flashing beacon on them. However, a single flashing beacon may not be sufficient for all applications. For example, visibility may be so poor at your facility that dual flashing beacons may be the best option for you. Ask for this option in case the conditions at your facility warrant its use.

Motion Alarm

Some scissor lifts are equipped with a horn that the operator can use when he or she is approaching a high-traffic area during the movement of the mobile scissor lift. Many scissor lifts don't have any motion alarm. This is particularly true for fixed scissor lifts. The risk of lacking a motion alarm is that someone may stray into the path of the lift accidentally. Select a lift with a motion alarm so that such accidents can be avoided during your project.

Keyless Switch

Many mobile scissor lifts rely on keys to get the vehicle moving from one location to another. Some scissor lifts are equipped with keyless switches. This type of scissor lift is ideal for people who easily lose keys. It is also good for locations where the risk of dirt and debris getting into the ignition system is high. Keyless switches are also easy to operate in limited visibility situations when compared to struggling to find a keyhole when there is limited ambient light.

Enhanced Wind Rating

All scissor lifts come with a wind rating. This wind rating guides users about when wind conditions are unsafe for the operation of that lift. You should consider selecting a scissor lift with a superior wind rating in case you will be using that lift when it is very windy. Such a lift will enable to you to continue working when wind conditions worsen at your site.

Many more features should be considered during the selection of self-propelled scissor lifts. It is therefore prudent for you to get the help of a professional so that he or she can assess your exact requirements. That expert will use his or her experience to help you to select the most appropriate scissor lift in addition to advising you about the best practices that you should implement in order to get the best from that scissor lift.

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