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What Is A Feature Survey?

A feature survey is a graphical representation of a property. This type of survey can detail many features, including fences, retaining walls and the location of utilities such as water or gas meters. Other features of interest such as the finished height of the property or outbuildings at a natural ground level may also be represented. 

When Might A Feature Survey Be Taken? 

A feature survey or contour survey can be taken before you build a new home, subdivide or extension. These are the most common forms of survey with thousands being carried out across the country for mortgage applications, planning applications and general interest in a particular building. A surveyor will come to the property to collect relevant data with specialist surveying equipment. This equipment will record specific details such as the height and position of features around and on the property. A typical feature or contour survey will illustrate features that are important for design, mortgage decisions and also council planning requirements. These features include:

  • Buildings
  • Neighbouring buildings
  • Power lines
  • Trees
  • Water meters
  • Pavers and slabs
  • Verandas and decks
  • Kerbs and footpaths
  • Driveways
  • Fences and retaining walls

Other features may be detailed in the feature survey as necessary and depending on the property and the nature of the survey. 

A Feature Survey For A New Extension

If you plan on renovating your property with an extension, the main objective of the feature survey will be to accurately detail roof pitches, floor levels, eaves and verandas. Other important features include fence boundary locations and any neighbouring properties. The survey will give third parties a good picture of the surrounding area, whether you are overlooked, whether your structure will affect other neighbouring properties and whether you have enough space for your proposed renovations. 

A Feature Survey For A New Build Property

If you are planning a new building, your feature or contour survey will detail the land you plan to build on, any features such as trees or neighbouring properties and other features that may need to be taken into account. Surveyors will collect plenty of information in the case of new build properties as this is one of the biggest projects that can take place on land and decisions will be hard to reverse or change once made. Once the feature survey has been taken, it can be used by other surveyors, architects, planning officers and contractors to help them to make decisions about your build and ensure the best results. 

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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