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Different Types of Protective Coats for Concrete Pavements and Structures

Concrete pavement and other reinforced concrete constructions like bridges and buildings may need a reliable coating against natural air, dust pollution, aggressive marine conditions and chemicals that have adverse effect on the design and service life of the structure. Whether the intention of the coat is to refurbish an old construction or protect a newly constructed one form this kind of damage, you must pay attention to the nature of coat and the manufacturer you will be dealing with.

A wide range of coatings exist in home improvement centres, therefore, getting the highest quality standard and the one that will be durable enough should be your top priority. Here are some common environmentally friendly coating products you should learn if you are handling a project of this kind.

Concrete Protective Coating

This is an anti-carbonation coating that is mainly used for decorative functions as well as practical purposes. It is a non-slip sealant that offers a hard wearing surface and an ideal choice for pool surrounds, patio areas, entrances, driveways, paths, garage floors, and entertainment areas. For concrete areas that need complete renovation, this product will offer you a modern and cost effective option, with a wide range of designs, colours, and textures to choose from.

Cleargard Concrete Coating

This is a two component, low odour, water based, environmentally friendly coating concrete material. It offers a clear non-sacrificial anti-graft coating that works well for both internal and external application coats. In addition, it offers a weather resistant and a non-yellowing ability for protection of a wide of concrete surfaces.

Proflex 'A' Coating

This is a high building, flexible, acrylic coating that is designed to protect a wide range of concrete surfaces from ingression of water from rain and other water borne pollutants. This minimises any instances of carbonation, a process that leads to formation of chemical carbonic acids that damage the floor. In addition, the product allows easy breathing of the substrate, and comes in a wide range of colours to choose from.


This is a two component resin characterised with an epoxy inbuilt flexible coating. It offers excellent resistance and adhesion to water and other types of chemicals. It works magic for structures like walls, bunds, and bridge abutments.


Nuproof is a rubberised bituminous coating of alkaline nature, designed with excellent adhesion to sound from building materials like asphalt surfaces. The material is flexible at extreme low temperatures and can resist softening. It acts as a flexible waterproof membrane for external walls and bridge abutments prior to backfilling.

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