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Two reasons to add a skylight when converting your loft

If you have decided to convert your loft into a living space, it's worth having your contractor install at least one skylight window. Read on to find out why.

It can provide ventilation

Making sure that your loft conversion is adequately ventilated is important for two reasons. Firstly, a well-ventilated living space is more comfortable to spend time in. Without ventilation, the people in your home who end up using the loft conversion may find the space to be uncomfortably warm and stuffy, especially on hot summer days.

Secondly, adequate ventilation can help to prevent condensation from forming in this part of your home. Condensation can cause damp to develop; this, in turn, could lead to issues such as peeling paint and mould on the wall plastering. Inhalation of these mould spores by those who use the loft conversion could also exacerbate any existing respiratory problems they have.

Whilst your building contractor may be able to install roof vents to allow air to circulate, these may not be big enough to completely eliminate the above-mentioned problems, particularly if the loft is quite spacious (roof vents have to be quite small in size; this is because a larger design could potentially allow rainwater to seep in through the roof and cause water damage to the house's structural framework).

Having your contractor fit one or two generously-proportioned skylights, on the other hand, should provide ample ventilation, provided the windows are opened on a regular basis.

It can make this part of your home more energy-efficient

To ensure that the loft conversion does not end up increasing your electricity bills, it is important to make sure that it is energy efficient. One way to do this is to have your contractor install high-quality insulation.

However, fitting a couple of skylights could also help to reduce your energy costs, when the time comes for you and your family members start to use this space.

This is because the natural daylight that these windows allow into the loft will enable you to keep any artificial lights in the room switched off until after sunset. This, in turn, will mean that you will use less electricity.

If energy-efficiency is a top priority for you and you have decided to invest in a skylight, it would be sensible to purchase this item from one of the skylight window manufacturers in your area that offers double-glazed windows, as these will help to prevent the heat inside your loft from escaping during the colder months.

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