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2 Stunning Splashback Options For An Elegant And Timeless Bathroom Look

If you're remodelling your bathroom, then you've probably spent a lot of time considering all of the different options for the different features of the room. One of the key features is the material for your bathroom splashback. These days, there is a wide and varied choice available, with many highly contemporary and flamboyant material options to choose from.

Despite all the colourful and edgy options, you may prefer a more sedate and classic look for your bathroom. Here are two gorgeous bathroom splashback ideas that will look beautiful and give your new bathroom a timeless and elegant look that transcends passing fashion trends and will last for many years to come.

1. Stone splashbacks

Natural stone makes a stunning and classy addition to any room and is a great option for your bathroom. Stone has an earthy and soothing aesthetic, which is why it is heavily featured in upmarket health spas and salons. You can opt for natural stone tiles or use a single piece of stone for a more seamless look.

Unfortunately, natural stone is one of the more expensive options when it comes to splashbacks. If your budget won't stretch far enough for the real thing, then high-quality replica stone tiles are a more cost-effective but equally attractive option. They're commonly available in sandstone-, marble- and granite-look styles.

2. Ornate glazed tiles

Classic style doesn't necessarily mean you need to stick to a completely neutral or monochromatic palette. It's possible to add some subtle colour and pattern to your new bathroom by choosing some beautiful and ornate glazed tiles. These can be a little pricier than regular glazed tiles, but because you won't need a vast amount of them, they are generally affordable even for small budgets.

Because the splashback is a relatively small surface, this style of tile can make your splashback an eye-catching feature without overwhelming the space with bold colour. Moroccan tiles, with their beautiful geometric designs and rustic colours, are a great choice. Tiles that replicate Art Deco designs, provincial French designs and retro mosaics are also great options.

Creating a classic and timeless look and feel for your new bathroom may appeal to you because you like the finer things in life, or you may just want to create a calm and serene environment to relax in. These classic splashback ideas will help you to achieve both of these objectives. Contact a company that specialises in bathroom splashbacks for more information.

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