Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

Tips for Building a Marina That Appeals to High-End Clients

If you're building a marina, you need to think about your target audience and develop your offerings around that. Want to appeal to the rich and famous? Trying to create a marina that will attract high-end yacht owners? If so, then you should consider integrating the following tips as you decide on features and amenities.

Build Retail Spaces

If your target clientele has money to burn, they may as well do it at your site. To make that possible, you need to integrate retail spaces into your marina. That should include shops, restaurants and even recreational options such as gyms or yoga studios.

Research the Market for Commercial Renters

While deciding how much retail space to build, spend some time researching companies that may want to be lessees. You may even want to set up preliminary contracts. This is important because you don't want to develop more space than you can fill. Empty spaces cast an aura of hopelessness, and if you're trying to attract high-end clientele, that's the last image you want to project.

Make Room for Super Yachts

When it comes to super yachts, a regular-sized slip is usually not big enough. Talk with your marina builder and make sure that you build your docks so that they can accommodate super yachts. By definition, a super yacht is at least 24 metres long, but they can often be over 100 metres long.

Consider Choosing Up and Coming Areas

The area that your marina is next to can also impact how appealing it is for potential customers. You may want to choose an area that is well established, but unfortunately, the shoreline in those areas may already be developed. In those cases, you may want to look for areas that are up and coming. For instance, an area that is being eyed by developers and that already has destination restaurants or shops may be perfect.

Don't Forget Basic Amenities

Make sure that all your yachts have access to electricity and water. Also, remember to integrate a fueling station. Those basics are essential regardless of the clientele you're trying to attract.

Opt for Style

Finally, the style and aesthetics of your marina are also important to consider. When choosing your marina construction company, ask to see a portfolio of their work, and if possible, take a walk through their marinas or talk about their style influences. Then, work together to develop the perfect look for your marina.  

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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