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Why a Second-Floor Extension Trumps Constructing a Granny Flat

Oftentimes when Aussie homeowners contemplate an extension on their property, they tend to gravitate toward granny flat construction as a means to add more space to their property. And although these structures are undeniably functional, you do have to sacrifice a considerable amount of outdoor real estate, which can substantially decrease your yard space. A better alternative for individuals looking to retain their garden but still need the extra room is electing to embark on the construction of a second-floor extension. Here is a concise overview of why a second-floor extension will trump constructing a granny flat.

A second-floor extension almost doubles your square footage

A massive advantage of choosing to construct a second storey extension is the increased square footage that you provide your property with. When you opt for a granny flat, you have to limit the floor space of the extension based on how much land is available to you for the construction. Therefore, depending on how big or small your yard is, there is the likelihood that you may not be able to expand as much as you want to, which translates into not getting the floor space that you want.

A second floor extension, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to make use of the same amount of space as the ground floor of your home! Not only does this mean extra bedrooms, but you can also incorporate other rooms such as a solarium, a study, a home office and anything else you can think of!

A second-floor extension provides your structure with picturesque views

A second advantage of choosing a second-floor extension over a granny flat is that you get the opportunity to make the most of the views of your property. With a second floor extension, you can have your contractors install a balcony or a widow's walk, which gives you additional exterior living space to entertain on or just relax in. Moreover, the raised platform of the second storey means you have unobstructed views of the outdoors, making this a great feature for residences located by the coast.

A second-floor extension allows you to improve the ground floor

Construction of a second storey is not just about your contractors getting rid of your roof and building up. Significant changes have to be made to the ground floor of your home to make sure it is capable of withstanding the additional level. Therefore, you also get the chance to engage in any repairs or renovations that you may have been putting off, rather than having to wait to embark on another remodel down the road! By constructing a second-floor extension, you get the opportunity to give your entire home the makeover it needs to spruce up its appearance and boost how functional your property is!  

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