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Turning a Shed Into a Personal Outdoor Relaxation Room

Sheds are most often used for storing gardening equipment, keeping it safe, dry and hidden away. While this may be the most common use, a small outdoor structure can be used for a huge range of purposes. Many of the potential uses revolve around work or caring for your home, but a shed also makes a great space for relaxation.

Whether you have an existing shed that's sitting unused or you're thinking about getting a new one built, transforming it into an outdoor relaxation room is something that's sure to give it plenty of use. Follow these tips and create a blissful space where you can unwind after a hard day.

Get the lighting right

Lighting makes up a big part of how relaxing a room feels, so it's a good idea to spend some time on getting it perfect.

For the daytime, you might find natural light helps you relax, so get some windows installed in your shed if you don't already have them. However, you should also fit curtains to block out the light when you want to.

Different colours have different effects on your mood, so add some adjustable coloured lighting and tailor the ambience to what you're feeling. Finally, candles help foster a feeling of relaxation, so stock up on them, plus a few holders.

Make it comfortable

Sofas and daybeds are great for relaxing, but you can also just throw some large beanbags about if you wish. The main thing is to have somewhere genuinely comfortable to sit or lie, perhaps with a choice between the two.

Don't forget to add a fan to keep you cool on hot days, and a small portable heater so you can still enjoy your relaxation room on chilly evenings.

Create an atmosphere of peace

Paint the inside of the shed a relaxing colour you like, and add one or two posters or pieces of artwork. Try to avoid making the room feel cluttered, though, as it will detract from your relaxation.

Burn some of your favourite incense, or use an oil burner to release relaxing scents like lavender into the air.

Stock the space with extras

If you fit a small shelf to the wall, you can keep a few of your favourite books in your relaxation shed. This is also a good place to keep a small stereo or Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to gentle music while you spend time in the shed.

If space permits, you can add all sorts of extras, including an inflatable hot tub, but keeping it simple also works well. It's your space, so make sure it provides you with whatever you need to truly relax.

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