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Four Practical Guidelines on Drilling Rocks Efficiently

Rock drilling can be a difficult process because of the hardness of the material. In simple terms, rocks have higher density than ground with standard soil composition. Therefore, boring through the material can be time-consuming and challenging. However, it is not impossible to promote optimal efficiency and speed when boring rocks. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve ideal results in rock drilling.

Check the Material

You should conduct an investigation of the rocky material that you intend to bore. Proper assessment of the material will help you understand the best course of action when drilling. If you proceed without knowing the characteristics of the substrate, you could end up damaging the boring equipment, and the drilling work will not produce the desired results. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage a geotechnical engineer or similar expert to provide a report on the material.

Choose a Suitable Bit

You should choose the correct bit for drilling through the rocky material. In general, the report provided on the properties of the substrate you intend to handle should help you select the perfect drilling bit. If the material is relatively soft, you can use bits made using high speed steel. This type of tool steel is hard and resistant to heat, and it can withstand drilling most rocks of relative hardness. On the other hand, if you are planning on dealing with hard rocks, you should opt for drills with diamond bits.

Set Up the Rig

You should set up your drilling rig to ensure precision and accuracy when boring rocky material. You should ensure that the equipment and the drilling bits are perfectly aligned with the specific area that you would like to drill. Do not make approximate setups; you must be precise. If you are handling small-scale rock drilling, you can increase the ease of drilling accurately by marking out the rock clearly before setting up your drilling equipment.

Ease into the Boring

You should not power up your drill rig immediately and begin boring in earnest after setting up the equipment. Instead, you must ease into the process. Simply speaking, you should begin by making contact between the bit and the drill surface. Then, you should create a pocket for your boring bit through gentle grinding. Once the pocket is deep enough for the bit to rest, you can power up the equipment and drill as desired.

Rock drilling can be a challenging undertaking. Therefore, if you are planning on taking up this type of project, you should engage experienced drilling contractors.

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