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Choosing the Right Sanitary Waste Bins for Your Commercial Property

If you are setting up a commercial property, be it a shopping centre or an office complex, one of the sanitation needs you'll have to consider is sanitary bins. There are lots of these in the market, but how do you decide which particular product is perfect for your needs? Here's what to consider.

The volume/size of the bin

You need to choose sanitary bins that have the right size to handle the number of sanitary waste being deposited into them; this is not a straightforward issue. You will have to evaluate the number of users frequenting your toilets in a day, and then approximate how much waste is deposited in a single bin per day. These calculations will allow you to figure out the correct bin size for your facilities.

Bin shape

The shape of the sanitary bins matters, too. Find bins that can fit easily within the structure of your toilets. Some facilities have very little space between the water closet and the wall. For these applications, only sanitary bins with a thin profile will fit inside the available space. However, if you have lots of space to spare, then you may not have to worry. If not, then you must choose a bin shape that works with the space you have.

Hygiene standards

Hygiene is crucial when it comes to sanitation issues, such as sanitary waste. Choose a bin that allows the highest hygiene standards possible. For example, choose bins with liners, as they protect the bins from getting dirtied or stained. Sanitary bins with a foot pedal are also better for hygiene as opposed to those without because they prevent hand contact with the bin.


Although the bin colour will not affect its usage, choose a bin with a colour that blends well with the decor of your facilities. The right colour is one that strikes a right balance between, allowing the bin not to be too noticeable and at the same time enabling it to blend well with the walls and floor. Popular colours include white, grey, light blue and cream.

Service delivery of the bin service company

And of course, even the best bins in the world will not do much if they are not backed by a professional sanitary bin hire service. Research the practices of the company offering the bins, and ensure that they can meet your needs in terms of regular and prompt collection. Once done, the bin service company will do all the maintenance work. Your job will only be to ensure that the toilets each have a sanitary bin at any given time.  

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