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Upgrades to Consider for Your Custom Tennis Court

Creating a residential custom tennis court means choosing every aspect from the turf to the netting. Though you may be concentrating on the basics of the court style, you may want to consider upgrades as well. Here are a few of the upgrades you can request from your tennis court builders. These upgrades will help you enhance your experience and give you the ability to enjoy your tennis court more often.

Cushion Coating

One of the leading upgrades that people have for their residential tennis courts is a cushion coating. Cushion coatings can be placed over concrete or asphalt tennis courts to give a softer feel to the court. This cushioning helps with back and knee pain that can be caused by frequent use of the tennis court. It also helps to reduce damage to the concrete and asphalt while sealing it from water and other related weather damage. The cushion coating can give a more professional and finished look to the tennis court and can easily be cleaned or repainted to upgrade the curb appeal of the court.

Retractable Windscreen

It can become difficult to use the tennis courts during windy conditions. This is especially true during colder weather conditions. Adding a windscreen to the custom design can help to reduce these wind issues and possible wind damage to the netting on the court. Your tennis court builders can upgrade the windscreen option even further by having the screen placed as a retractable option. The retractable windscreen can be manual, electric or solar-powered, depending on your needs.

Retractable Cover

You may already know you want the windscreen around your custom tennis court. Though the windscreen does help reduce wind damage, it still leaves you open to other weather conditions that can prohibit your tennis match. Your tennis court builders can add a retractable tennis court cover. This will give you a fully enclosed option that can easily be retracted to give you your open court during suitable weather. The cover and windscreen adds to the kerb appeal and also allows you to use the court throughout the year.

These are just a few of the residential tennis court upgrades you can have included with your custom build. If these options sound ideal or if you want to hear other options, contact your local tennis court builders. They can help you with options that will work with your location and the type of residential court you want.

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