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3 Places Where Decorative Plastic Grates Deliver Functional and Aesthetic Value

Demand for decorative trench grates has been growing for a couple of years now, especially with the gradual growth of the residential construction sector. Other than functionality, homeowners want trench drain installations that complement the aesthetic value of a property. However, most homeowners believe that the best decorative grates are costly. While there is nothing wrong with such an assumption, it is vital to explore other options. For instance, plastic decorative grates are a cheaper, functional and a beautiful alternative. That said, the placement of drainage grates must be approached with care.

This article highlights the best locations to install decorative plastic grates without compromising on functionality and aesthetics.  

Around the Swimming Pool 

The average homeowner loves the outdoors with the swimming pool area being the most popular spot during hot afternoons. Notably, a swimming pool is one of the best places to install decorative plastic grates due to the low volumes of water involved. Ideally, the grates are meant to direct splashed pool water back to the pool system. Moreover, residential pools do not receive high foot traffic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the plastic grates breaking after a weekend of hosting several guests. When installed around a swimming pool, decorative plastic grates will wow your guests and still keep the pool area dry at all times.


During construction, some downspouts are constructed to direct rainwater into the driveway or underground water tanks. Notably, directing rainwater into the driveway will compromise the structural integrity of your property's foundation. Besides, most downspouts that lead water to an underground water tank do not have grate covering. However, it offers another opportunity for decorative plastic grates installation. Other than giving the downspout a high-end look, the grates help to separate leaves and other debris from water flowing into underground water tanks. So long as they are not stepped on, the decorative plastic grates that are installed on downspouts will keep your property looking dapper for a long time.

Home Garden 

Home gardens are another area where homeowners like to spend their free time. Decorative plastic grates will, therefore, sit well with your home garden regardless of how big or small the garden is. Installing drainage grates alongside the shoulder of garden pavements ensures that the grates are kept away from heavyweight such as human traffic. The best part is that you can choose elegant grate designs to match your garden plants or colour. Additionally, plastic grates keep flowers and leaves from dropping into the garden trench.

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