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Safety Measures for Constructing DIY Kitchens

Safety measures are very important when tackling any DIY project at home. This is especially true for DIY kitchens because a good day of working today might not be the same tomorrow. Regardless if you are experienced or not, you should always prioritise your safety and comfortability when working. These are some safety measures you should take for putting together DIY kitchens:

Ovens, Refrigerators, and Freezers Should Be Separate  

For instance, if the refrigerator and store are on one wall, there should be cupboards that separate them. In addition, make sure the stove has good ventilation so the heat is removed right away. If this is not done, the refrigerator motor will work harder to keep everything cool and it will burn out. You could also indirectly cause food poisoning and bacterial growth if the refrigerator cannot store cold food at the right temperature. DIY kitchens should still have proper planning when it comes to this.

Electrical Switches

The electrical switches, lighting fixtures and plugs should be kept away from water sources and wet hands. DIY kitchens are not exempted from this because building codes apply to all. They require that all electrical receptacles have ground-fault circuit breakers to protect them. Moreover, the controls that are wall-mounted should be about 38 to 121 centimetres above the floor.

Protective Gear

You need to wear safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection and an optional respirator. This depends on which tools you are using because DIY kitchens could vary in design and project requirements. Your protective gear should always be available anytime you need it. You do not have to spend a lot on them because there are disposable ones that you can buy.

Proper Lighting

Lighting should be generally good while working on the project. Proper lighting for the task that focuses on the places you are working is going to decrease the chances of injuries. When you think about it, DIY kitchens are easier to finish if the lighting is glare-free and does not produce shadows on the surface you are working on. This is important because it could prevent you from tripping on a piece of equipment or appliance.

DIY kitchens are not easy and you need to observe good safety measures to be able to do it successfully and within the time frame. Contact your local DIY kitchen suppliers and contractors if you have any questions or require further assistance.    

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