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Two signs that it's time to redo the waterproofing and paintwork in your boutique's bathroom

There are several issues that can indicate that it is time to get a painter to redo the waterproofing and paintwork in the bathroom in your clothes shop. Read on to find out what these issues are.

Water from the bathroom is seeping out and dripping onto your shop floor

If the waterproofing materials in your bathroom have deteriorated to the point where water from this area is now seeping out onto your shop floor, then you will need to contact a painter that provides commercial waterproofing services as quickly as possible.

There are two reasons why it is crucial to address this issue quickly. If the water comes into contact with your shop's electrical equipment (such as your point of sale system or your backlit display cabinets) it could cause these electrical items to short-circuit, stop working, or catch on fire. This could not only affect your ability to process your customers' payments but could also endanger nearby customers and employees or lead to your inventory going up in flames. Any injuries caused by the fire may result in you being sued, whilst the loss of your inventory may leave you in dire financial straits.

Secondly, if the water from the bathroom leaves any puddles on your shop floor and these puddles are not immediately mopped up, a customer could slip on them and fall over. This could also lead to you being sued.

In short, failing to fix deteriorated waterproofing materials in your bathroom could have devastating consequences. As such, this is a problem that needs to be rectified by a painter who specialises in waterproofing as soon as possible.

Small patches of the wall paint are peeling off

If small patches of the wall paint in your shop's bathroom are peeling off, you might think that there is no need to get the walls professionally repainted. However, the truth is that this seemingly small cosmetic decor issue could have a negative impact on the success of your retail business. The small flakes of paint that fall off the wall may end up landing on the hair, clothes or hands of the employees who use this bathroom. This could then result in these paint flakes being transferred to the clothes you sell on your premises when these employees fold or tidy garments on the shelving units, or carry and hang up new items on the clothing rails on the shop floor. If customers who pick up or try on these items discover flecks of old paint on them, they may be deterred from purchasing them.

Given this, it is vital to get the damaged paint in the bathroom stripped and repainted by a painter as soon as you notice any flaking.

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