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Will Installing Dimmer Switches Reduce Your Energy Costs?

The main reason you probably want to install dimmer switches in your new build home is to create controlled ambient light in your rooms. These switches allow you to manage the brightness of bulbs in individual fittings, so you can have a full light on when you need a bright room or dim the lights when you want a more cosy environment.

As well as giving you more control over bulb brightness, dimmer switches may have some financial benefits. What are they?

Reduced Electricity Usage

When you turn a light on, the bulb or bulbs in the fitting channel a certain amount of electricity. Without a dimmer switch, a bulb will take as much electricity as it needs to turn on and work at maximum brightness. If the bulb is connected to a dimmer switch, then you have more control over how much power the bulb uses at any given time. For example, if you dim a light, it needs less electricity to create your required light level.

Here, the dimmer switch controls the bulb's electricity supply. The lower the intensity of the light, the less power the bulb needs to shine. As a result, dimmer switches may help you reduce the amount of electricity you use at home which could, in turn, reduce your energy bills somewhat.

Increased Light Bulb Life

Even energy-efficient light bulbs don't last forever. Eventually, they burn out. A dimmer switch could, however, increase the lifespan of your bulbs. If a bulb runs on a regular switch, then it works to full capacity every time the light is switched on. The bulb is either on or off. If the bulb is connected to a dimmer switch, then it has more variety of power options. The bulb doesn't need to shine at maximum capacity all the time. Sometimes, it will need less power to create a softer or less intense light. This dimming effect may increase the life of your bulbs by decreasing its load stress. If your bulbs last longer, then your replacement costs won't be as high as they are at the moment.

It's important to make sure that you use the right kind of dimmer switch for the type of bulbs you will use at home. So before you decide to install dimmers, talk to your electrician. They can take a look at your system and talk you through dimming options that might be suitable before installing your final choice.

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