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Projects That Require a Land Surveyor's Services

Before purchasing, selling or developing land, you need to perform due diligence on its features and topographical outline. For this, you need to hire a land surveyor. The services of a land surveyor are useful in many projects, including the following:

Subdivision and legal surveys

Property owners who need to subdivide their land for resale or inheritance purposes need the services of a land surveyor. One benefit of subdividing land for resale is that there is a greater realisation of profit than selling it in bulk. During subdivision, the surveyor will first perform a boundary survey and then prepares a subdivision design. The design will guide the subdivision process to ensure that the portioned plots of land are accurate with the design. The subdivision process is determined using zoning requirements, which means the property will be surveyed for flood zones.

You can also hire a land surveyor for legal surveys such as boundaries, easements and covenants when you have legal issues such as property disputes. Utility companies will also need an easement plan before the installation of utility lines over private or public land.

Building location certificates

When you need a loan from the bank to acquire property or land, it is essential you produce a building certificate. A building certificate shows the bank a survey of the land, any structures present and any legal easements or encroachments on the land. A land surveyor will first determine property lines and include any structures in the land in their survey. The certificate will also assess the topographical details of the land. If any structures are present, a land surveyor ensures that they meet zoning requirements in your city. A building location certificate is required for property valuation before a bank can grant a loan.

Any home improvement projects will also need an improvement location survey. This survey ensures that any improvements do not violate local building regulations. 

Site surveys and layouts

A site survey is an essential part of land planning for construction. Site surveys evaluate a parcel of land for its topographical features, accessibility and any utilities present. It also measures any dimensions on the property that occur naturally. After a site survey is complete, developers know where to build and can start building. In plots of land where boundaries are unclear, a layout survey will help you determine the appropriate place to build to avoid any legal issues in the future.

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