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Top 4 Signs That You Should Call For Septic Tank Services

Seeking emergency septic tank services may not be something you have to worry about if you clean out and pump your septic tank system regularly. For one reason or the other, there are, however, times when you simply cannot wait for the next scheduled visit. When should you immediately call your septic tank services company? Here are some of the signs you cannot afford to ignore.

The Alarm Goes Off

Your system alarm will give you a warning every time there is a high-water level in your septic tank. This could be as a result of the effluent filter becoming clogged, a clogged outlet line or pump failure. Whichever the case, call for septic tank services unless you want to keep hearing that alarm. A professional will correctly troubleshoot your system and resolve the underlying cause.

There Is System Backup

A foul odour and bubbling or gurgling sounds from your drains are usually the first signs of a septic system backup. You may also notice that everything seems to be draining a lot slower. Before you see the actual backup, that is, the black liquid coming up your drains and toilet, be sure to call the septic tank services experts.

There Is Pooling Water Around Drainfield

The wastewater from your septic tank should slowly flow into the drainfield. If you notice that wastewater is pooling around your drainfield, it could be because of clogging. Clogging requires immediate attention, and you should not wait to call the septic tank services company.

Again, if your septic drainfield becomes flooded by a storm run-off, then the floodwater may enter your septic tank. Too much water in the tank may clog the system's outlets and pump.

You HA Problem With Your Well Water

Issues with your septic tank system may impact your groundwater. If the results from your well water tests come back showing that the water contains high levels of nitrates, then you may want to focus your attention on your septic tank. A professional septic tank services company will know exactly what measures to take to mitigate against such an eventuality. With septic tank systems, you cannot wait around for things to get better with time or for the problems to resolve themselves. Should you notice any of the signs highlighted above, be sure to call in a professional septic tank services company as soon as possible. Some companies do offer after-hours emergency services.

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