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4 Reasons You Need A Land Survey Before Buying New Property

A professional real estate agent is, without a doubt, one of the first people you will want to get in touch with when you decide to buy a piece of real estate. However, before committing to that property purchase, it will do you a lot of good to engage the services of land surveyors.

With expert land surveyors, you get an accurate and up-to-date survey. There are several benefits to having this survey done, including the following.

1. Identify Your Property Boundaries

Where does your property start, and where does it end? Succinctly put, what is legally considered yours, as defined by the property boundaries?

You may want to build a fence in the future or extend a part of your home. As land surveyors will tell you, it all needs to be within your property boundaries if you are to avoid disputes with the neighbours.

2. Resolve Property Disputes

Staying on the matter of disputes with neighbours, an accurate survey is the only way to ascertain if you have a case to settle. As a new property owner, the last thing you would want is to be embroiled in a legal dispute with your neighbours over property lines.

Land surveyors will also help investigate if there are any pending or active dispute cases that need settling.

3. Identify All Regulations Pertaining To Your Property

Certain regulations enforced by your local council and other relevant authorities will guide what you can and cannot do on your property. Of particular interest is the kind of buildings you can erect on the property and related construction work that you can do.

The land surveyors can highlight each of these regulations and guidelines so that you can make an informed buying decision. You wouldn't want to end up with land that you cannot use as you'd wish.

4. Identify Easements And Rights-Of-Way

Land surveyors will highlight any applicable rights-of-way and easements that allow or limit the use of others' property. The land surveyors can also help you with disputes relating to these easements and rights-of-way.

Can you share a driveway? What are your rights and restrictions with sewerage and artificial waterways? What about an easement for services such as gas, water, telephone and electrical lines and any excavation works involved?

For the reasons highlighted, among others, you will want to make sure that you engage expert land surveyors before buying a property. It makes no difference whether it's a residential property or a commercial one.

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