Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

Are you thinking about working with a shopfitting company?

When planning a new fitout for your business there are at least two things that you must bear in mind to create the perfect design for your business. While new business owners commonly think that the style and layout of your business premises is all a matter of personal taste it doesn't take them long to realise that shopfitting is about much more than that. Shopfitting can make or break a business. While the right layout can increase footfall and boost your profits significantly when you get it wrong your shop could start to empty and those that do enter your building will leave frustrated when they can't easily find what they need. To create the best design for your company you must consider:

  • The way you present your brand to the world
  • The way people move around your building

What's your brand?

Are you a discount retailer or a retailer of luxury goods? Do you want to be seen as a friendly local business trading on your specialist knowledge or somewhere that people can quickly find what they want and get in and out of the store with the minimum of interaction with staff? Each of these considerations will impact how your shopfitting proceeds. Do you want wide aisles or a long counter for staff interaction with customers? What decisions will you make about the colours and quality of the fittings? These are all decisions that can affect how people view your business. By ensuring that your shopfitting matches the expectations of your customers you increase their engagement with your brand and boost their customer loyalty.

How do people shop with your company?

When someone walks into your company why are they there? Are they there to pick up a lot of items or is it more likely that they have come in for a specific item? If you expect people to walk around every aisle searching for what they need then wide aisles make sense. If people normally come in for a specific item then make it easy for them to reach the section they need with clear labelling and have a way for them to pick up their purchase and reach the counter without travelling through the whole shop.

Are there items that people often buy together, or that would be a good pairing for each other? Place them close together so that your customers can see them.

Shopfitting can be difficult to get right. If you want some help to plan the perfect fitout then speak to a local company offering fitout management. They will be able to advise you on the most appropriate shopfitting techniques for your company.

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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