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Window Upgrades Your Bookstore Needs

When you are having windows repaired at your bookstore, you may need to consider certain upgrades. Though your initial thought may be that you have a bookstore and standard windows are fine, the truth is that there are burglars who will try to break into the store. For example, rare books and prereleases can be very valuable to some burglars that have a market for that sort of item. Before you have your windows simply repaired or replaced, consider these upgrades that can help keep your bookstore safe.

Reinforced Glass

One of the leading ways you can upgrade your windows during window repairs is to have the glass reinforced. The reinforcement means your glass technician will provide windows that have additional layers of security glass that help to reinforce the glass of the current or replacement window. This reinforced glass makes it harder to break the window and can deter burglars that cannot break the glass on the first attempt.

Security Locks

If you are concerned about the window being open or broken even after the reinforcement, a security lock may be ideal. Not only will the security lock help prevent a window from simply being opened, but it can also be attached to an alarm system. The alarm system can be silent, meaning that it will go off silently and inform the local authorities and you. Though the burglar may be able to get into the bookstore, they will be met with authorities shortly and your bookstore stock will be safe.

Tamper Indicators

Some safety windows come with a special filament that is tamper-sensitive. When the window is tampered with, an alarm goes off. This alarm, like the ones that are connected to some security locks, can be silent. When someone tries to break the glass, remove the glass window or damage the window in any way, the alarm system will sound. This type of tamper indicator is undetectable to the naked eye. This means you will be able to keep the bookstore safe and burglars will not be aware of the safety measure until the glass has been tampered with. 

If you have other concerns with your windows and your bookstore storefront, discuss the issues with your window repair technician. They can discuss options that can help you as well as options you may not have considered. They can also discuss the different pricing options if you need to stay within a budget. Learn more about replacing and repairing windows today.

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