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3 Tips for Fast-Tracking the Land Subdivision Process

Land subdivision is an exciting concept for property investors because it helps to maximise the value of a property. Although it might sound straightforward, the land subdivision process can be long and tedious. Therefore, property investors should only work with surveyors that can guarantee a timely and successful land subdivision process. This article highlights tips that land surveyors can use to speed up a land subdivision process.

Maintain Updated Local Structures

Zoning laws in the regional, district and local land structure plans change from time to time. Therefore, land subdivision applications must be assessed against current zoning requirements for an application to be successful. Unfortunately, most landowners do not have access to updated local land plans and only realise this after the submission of the applications, which can delay the entire process. Notably, land surveyors must maintain current land plans to eliminate the need to ask a local lands office for updated plans. All you need to do is draw a client's subdivision plan then assess it against local, updated zoning requirements without necessarily visiting a lands office. It reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a land subdivision process.

Take Site Walks

Land surveyors increasingly appreciate the advantages that technology offers in the provision of land survey services. From the accuracy of aerial drone mapping to the expansion of the scope of survey projects, emerging technologies cannot be underestimated. That said, it is not easy to understand topography by using visual aids only. Therefore, a surveyor should inspect a property physically before preparing the final context map. Site walking allows interested parties to chime in with different ideas that might help to fast-track the subdivision process. For example, a local office will reject a residential subdivision plant that does not offer enough space for a driveway. However, a site walk can reveal ways of designing a property to accommodate a spacious driveway, thereby preventing a development plan from being rejected.  

Focus on Conservation Areas

One common mistake that land surveyors make when preparing a context plan is to focus on a development area rather than conservation space. It is the case, although local land offices only approve environmentally sound subdivision plans. As such, land surveyors must prepare a plan that preserves value-adding features on a property. For instance, if there is a wetland section on a property, you must come up with ways of protecting it as opposed to destroying it. An excellent way to maintain a wetland section is by building a boardwalk above it. The strategy ensures that your subdivision context plans are approved quickly.

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