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Kitchen Renovations: How to Transform Your Kitchen With New Cabinetry

If you were to change one thing in your kitchen, what would it be? Why don't you consider the cabinets? Kitchen cabinets not only act as storage for your foodstuffs and kitchenware, but they also affect the appearance of the space. They are on the wall and along the floor area, and they are among the first things someone notices when they walk into your kitchen. Therefore, if you want to transform the space, you should start with the cabinets. Below are some ideas on how to make this happen:

Install Wall Cabinets Above Standard Height

Upper cabinets have a standard height of around 54 inches above the floor. However, this figure isn't set in stone. You can go higher. In small kitchens, cabinets that are installed near the splashbacks make the room look small and cluttered. In a large kitchen, the space above the cabinets and below the ceiling seems wasted. Therefore, if you can, consider installing the cabinets above the standard height.

This frees up a lot of space around the eye level and makes the kitchen look larger than it is. If your ceilings are high, you can install longer cabinets that run from near the ceiling to the 54-inch mark. This makes them look modern and classy. However, consider the height of family members when choosing cabinet height to ensure easy accessibility.

Consider the Cabinetry Style

There are various cabinet styles you can choose from. These include door or doorless cabinets, solid wood vs. glass doors, and much more. In particular, the door style can influence the overall appearance of the fixtures. Here are some things to have in mind:

  • If you aren't a clean freak, going for doors would be an excellent idea to avoid displaying cluttered cabinets
  • You can opt for glass doors which can make the room feel spacious and airy
  • Some solid doors have a glass-like finish, which is perfect if you want to open up the kitchen without using doorless cabinets

You can play around with various designs to add visual interest in your kitchen. For example, doorless shelves are great for corners in the kitchen where you can display decor items or classic pieces.

Pay Attention to the Colours

The colours you use on your kitchen cabinets affect the entire mood of the space. Thus, pay attention to the selection process. Ensure the colour blends seamlessly with other fixtures such as the island, splashbacks and wall. If you're unsure, always choose a neutral shade such as white. Alternatively, consult an interior designer who can help you play around with contrasting colours to improve curb appeal.

Installing new cabinets may be all you need to transform your kitchen. However, you have to do it right. Therefore, consult a contractor for professional input and expert services.

For additional information and ideas for kitchen renovations, reach out to a local remodelling contractor.

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