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3 Popular Trends in Timber Construction

Builders are quickly realising that wood, as a primary building material, is here to stay. However, it was not the case a couple of decades ago when timber was sporadically and selectively used in building. For instance, timber was only used for implementing railings, ceilings, and window and door framing, but it was not used in a structural sense. Currently, wood is being exclusively used in multistory structures because of advancements in building technologies. Consequently, the changes have given rise to popular trends in wood construction. Here are key trends currently influencing the timber construction sector.

Changing Building Codes

Building codes in Australia are the backbone of any development, big or small. Builders, architects, engineers, plumbers, and other contractors must adhere to existing standards to avoid penalties, fines, or jail time. However, as architects and engineers continue to design taller timber buildings, there is a need to review building codes to accommodate and guide the implementation of such structures. For instance, previously, only multi-residential, hospitality accommodation, and office buildings were approved for timber construction. However, changes were made to the National Construction Code, approving schools, hospitals, and aged-care facilities to be built with timber. The reforms are steps in the right direction since different sectors want to enjoy the benefits that wood offers as a construction material.

Improved Digital Designing

The rise of timber construction has opened avenues for improving architectural designs. For example, there are digital design tools making waves in the timber construction sector. Builders are no longer satisfied with lumber companies that supply them with structural timber. They are looking for partners capable of manufacturing wood products based on builders' designs. It makes assembly fast, accurate, cost-effective, and safe for all parties involved. Additionally, improvements in augmented virtual reality allow designers to examine ways that timber and other materials, such as concrete, can be integrated for better performance and aesthetics. The application of such innovations continues to enhance mass timber construction, consequently boosting the sector's market share.

Designing for Health and Well-Being

In the past, timber construction was driven by low cost, energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics. However, biophilia, which is a scientific concept, is throwing its weight into the fray. The idea suggests that exposure to natural materials soothes the mind and improves health. Consequently, designers, architects and builders are tapping into the concept to construct timber houses that enhance occupants' well-being. For instance, builders are using exposed wood and live edge timber to achieve a natural aesthetic.  

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