Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

Top Tips When Hiring A Builder

Builders are an essential component of your residential, commercial or industrial construction project. While there are many builders offering their services in Australia, getting the right-fit can be a complicated task. Below is an excerpt with some tips on how to hire a builder

Assess The Builder's Specialisation And Experience

Your immediate concern should be whether the builder has handled similar works in the past. For instance, suppose you want to build a sophisticated structure such as a mini home, underground bunker or industrial complex. In this case, you would want a builder with adequate experience. Do not merely ask the builder about their experience, instead ask them for a site visit to some of their projects and interview some of their clients to establish their work ethic and quality. 

Check The Services Provided By The Builder

The builder should offer a comprehensive range of construction services. For example, they should help out with drafting and securing local council permits. Besides, the builder should be in a position to supply the required building materials. It saves you the hassle of having to subcontract some of these services. Remember, working with a single contractor can be cheaper since you have a higher negotiating power. 

Ask For Guarantees

Most clients assume that the builder will offer high-quality services. However, many buildings develop minor defects such as roofing leaks, waterlogging on the landscape, defective drainages, and wiring problems after completion. A quality builder should give a guarantee on their works. For example, they could propose one-year free maintenance to take care of any problems that occur. 

Assess The Builder's Terms And Pricing

Consider the following when evaluating the builder's terms: 

  • How long will the construction works take? The builder should have a clear work schedule indicating how long it will take to complete each project phase.
  • How will the builder conduct quality control at the site? Ideally, they should engage the services of an independent certifier accredited by the local council.
  • Ask the builder for a quote and negotiate it by pitting it against quotes by other builders.
  • Check the builder's terms of payment. For instance, do they expect to be payments after a specified period or after completing a project phase? When working with bank finance, ensure that your builder consents to the bank's payment policies. 

When hiring a builder, assess their specialisation, experience, and services, ask for guarantees and examine their terms and pricing. 

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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