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Does your home need a foundation survey?

Have you noticed a crack running across the wall of your property? Maybe you were lying in bed and happened to glance up to the ceiling and spotted a jagged crack forming there. It may be only the plaster that has cracked. If it's a plaster crack, the problem can be repaired quite easily. If the crack goes deeper than the plaster, it's potentially much more serious. It could be that your property has suffered an impact from a vehicle or another external force, but it is also possible that the source of the crack starts below ground with a foundation problem. A failing foundation may require residential underpinning.

Has the foundation started to fail?

Cracks that spread diagonally across the wall of your property often suggest that the foundation of your property is no longer acting as it should. If you suspect there could be a foundation problem with your home, it is best to commission a survey to investigate without delay. Foundation problems can only be corrected by intervention. If left alone, they will only become more severe. A residential underpinning service can conduct a survey to see whether the foundation is failing or whether the cause of the crack is elsewhere. Residential underpinning may be needed; it's also possible that removing a straying tree root or fixing a problem with on-site drainage could be an alternative solution. If underpinning is required, the underpinning company can explain the options you must consider.

Planning residential underpinning

If underpinning is needed, the residential underpinning contractor can determine the practical solution. They will take into account the nature of the soil, the weight of the building, the condition of the present foundations and the height of the water table on the site. When all of these factors have been adequately considered, they will know how best to strengthen the foundation so that it can support the weight of your property and prevent any further cracks from appearing. To find the right contractor to carry out residential underpinning, you must ask the contractor how much experience they have with similar projects and whether they can show you testimonials from satisfied customers. Another factor that you can't overlook is the pricing structure used by the underpinning company. If possible, you should seek itemised quotes from more than one company. By requesting itemised quotes, you can ensure that all quotes cover the same elements. By understanding the scope of the quote, you can avoid any unexpected bills or extra work you weren't expecting.

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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