Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

Do you need to remove an old building?

Are you planning to build a property? You may have found a site in the ideal location that is already occupied by another property, or it could be that the building on the site is derelict, unstable, or unsuitable for your family. You could attempt to modify and restore the existing building and incorporate it into your plans, but often a home demolition is a more practical solution. Completely removing the existing structure will allow you to design a new building using all available space. However, before you schedule a home demolition, there are three things you should consider.  

Is a new building permitted?

You might assume that as there was an existing building on the site, you will get permission to build on the land, but that isn't always true. The area may have been rezoned since the property was built. Newer buildings on neighbouring plots could be affected by your proposed building work, or perhaps the access to the site is too restricted to make your new home practical on that site. It's always wise to check what is possible before your plans progress too far. It can be especially helpful to speak to those involved in local planning decisions and learn what factors could influence their decisions.

Is your design appropriate?

One factor that will affect whether a new building is approved is how well it fits into the surrounding area. Think about whether the external facade of your chosen design is in keeping with neighbouring properties. Internally, you can adopt whatever design best suits the needs of your family. However, unless the external appearance of your new design is an asset to the neighbourhood, it won't obtain planning approval. Before arranging for demolition, check that what you propose to build will be allowed.

Can the demolition take place safely?

Once you are sure that a home demolition is the appropriate course of action, you must ensure that the home demolition can proceed safely. Your chosen demolition company must ensure that the structure can be safely removed without causing damage to any neighbouring properties and without causing injury to anyone who happens to be passing the site. A professional home demolition company will understand the correct procedures to follow during the demolition process. The company will also know how to obtain any permits that may be needed to ensure the safety of the surrounding area while they are working.

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Expanding Your Business By Calling The Builders

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