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4 Construction Types that Would Benefit from the Use of Structural Steel

If you are in the construction industry, you should constantly think about the durability and structural integrity of the outcome of your construction. You can achieve these two goals by choosing construction materials. Steel is one of the most stable and reliable construction materials available. Its properties include durability, tensile strength and the ability to resist weather damage. The alloy made it possible to design some of the most iconic and oldest architectural masterpieces. If you are wondering whether or not you have chosen the ideal metals for your construction, here are some project types that might benefit from using this metal.

Overpasses and Bridges

A bridge is one of the structures tasked with bearing massive weight daily. It is also raised from the ground, meaning it needs as much support as possible. The use of steel makes large bridges possible. It introduces vertical support systems and withstands the endless vibrations caused by vehicles moving across it. Bridges have gotten taller, sturdier, longer and more efficient because of the use of steel technology as a reinforcement.

High Rise Office Buildings

Without steel frames as part of the construction, it would be impossible to construct a high-rise building that can stand the test of time. In the past, when construction engineers didn't have the metal to reinforce their structures, the vertical load that the masonry could withstand determined the height of the building. However, it has revolutionised the construction of skyscrapers because it has an excellent load-bearing capacity and can withstand external forces like wind and seismic waves without compromising its structural integrity. 

Buildings to House Many Families

The architectural designs for housing many families differ from what works for one family. Many architects and contractors recommend constructing apartments because they use vertical space to house many units. However, such constructions are only possible when structurally sound. Steel also makes it possible to eliminate the use of columns. The feature comes in handy in multi-family buildings because it offers units with maximum uninterrupted floor space. Consider integrating structural steel into the construction process for durable apartments. 

Sporting Stadiums

Stadiums bear the weight of tens of thousands of sports enthusiasts. The engineers must also design them to allow everyone to see what is happening in the field. Therefore, the design involves elevating some structures. The metal enables these processes. 

These are a few construction types that would benefit from using structural steel. Reach out to a local structural steel supplier to learn more.

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